These last few months I’ve been working on a number of large instructional design projects for global corporate clients.

Instructional design is the art of streamlining information in a structured environment to enable learning. Working in this area comes very naturally to me. It combines many things that I love including writing, visual design, and structuring the logical flow of information. It also draws upon my experiences of teaching and learning in different environments using technology.

I’m working with a great team of coders, illustrators and producers, and we are making some beautiful work to explain deep concepts in memorable ways.

As technology has become more portable, powerful and interconnected, learning can take place away from a classroom environment. Digital learning technologies have opened up the possibilities for continuous learning or targeted learning matched to the situation.

The opportunities for wide-ranging creative work in this area are huge, and the demand from clients for materials matched to their goals and their learners shows no sign of diminishing.

Good instructional design can have a major impact on knowledge retention for learners, and I’m very proud of the high quality work we are achieving on these projects.

I didn’t set out to work on projects like this. Somehow they found me. But the process of research, development, conceptualising and storyboarding is very close to the process of filmmaking and writing stories, so it feels a natural world to inhabit right now.

If you would like to find out more about how I can help you with instructional design, please get in touch.