A little video, some interviews, for the website, an event, an exhibition, tell a story, maybe a film, a bit of drama, an advert, share it on social media, be part of the conversation, give it a bit of sparkle, a sprinkle of magic.

I am a very confident and experienced director, filmmaker and self-shooting producer/director.

Drawing from my extensive experience of working across the world communicating difficult concepts in science and technology, I am well-regarded for being able to create heartfelt work that brings out the best in people. I work to capture something real and authentic in every subject so that it will resonate with a wide audience.

As a director, I love to work collaboratively with clients and production teams to create high quality film and video. I will take overall responsibility for the creative realisation of the film, including the images, sound, music and performance. I can develop initial concepts and treatments, write a final script, identify filming locations, develop visual concepts with production designers and cinematographers, select music and brief composers, and work with an editor to deliver the final film.

Please contact me to discuss how I can help you with your projects.


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