60 second science: Liquid crystal labels

Self-updating LCD displays from ZBD solutions

Self-updating LCD displays from ZBD solutions


Dr Cliff Jones: We are ZBD Displays Limited. We’re a novel displays company selling things like electronic shelf edge labels.

The key invention of the ZBD device is to put a sub-micron texture onto the surface of the glass thereby keeping the image on the display even when the power is removed.

ZBD today is not just about the display technology. Each display unit can be wirelessly updated using a two-way transceiver device called Bounce.

Shaun Gray: The reason that we chose the retail market place as the point of entry was it was the one area where there was a first generation market to which we clearly showed an improvement in the quality of the overall solution including the RF.

Dr Emma Wood: Every time I see a box of displays arrive, I think back to the very first displays that we made and there’s an element of disbelief when I realise how many we’ve made now. It’s an amazing feeling.

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