BoardPacks for eShare



eShare wanted to streamline the way that its major product, Boardpacks, was presented online.


BoardPacks software is used by senior management teams across many industries to streamline business decision making. The software moves meeting papers and company management online, allowing board members and managers to have access at any time and in any place.

The product had grown organically and was available with many different options. Information about the product was spread through several websites, printed literature, sales and marketing promotional materials, slideshows and software support documents. Websites were focused on systems technology and IT, rather than on the user experience.


eShare company information and BoardPacks software were rationalised into two separate websites to provide clear, strong online identities. The website perspective was changed to be user-focused instead of system-focused, which allowed product features to be easily highlighted and testimonies from BoardPacks customers to be integrated.

Big idea

Store – Create – Share


After initial analysis and meetings with the marketing, sales, design and website teams, I developed a plan to refocus the online presence of BoardPacks around the five core activity modules and three different levels of implementation suited to business size.

Information on the software was gathered from across the organisation and merged into single sources of knowledge on the website. I wrote copy for web pages that presented the features and benefits of the software whilst avoiding technical IT jargon.


The BoardPacks website was implemented using WordPress hosted by eShare. I worked with the web developer to structure the content clearly inside WordPress to allow sales and marketing teams to easily update the website. I defined a clear content structure to keep the website streamlined and product focused, and worked with the web developer to refine the visual design and usability of the site.


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