One Day on Earth – Global premiere 22 April 2012

Movie poster for One Day on Earth film

One Day on Earth - Global Screening 22 April 2012

One Day on Earth is a global project to make a feature length film using contributions from all around the world.

  • 3000 hours of footage
  • Every country of the world
  • One day of filming
  • A historic document of 10.10.10

I am honoured that the film I contributed to the project on 10.10.10 of the Whitehorse Hill, Oxfordshire, UK has been included. This is very cool indeed.

There’s a global screening day on 22 April (although only a few locations in the UK). Check out the website to see if there is a local screening.:

Sadly I won’t be able to make it to either of the 2 UK venues showing the film, so I’ll just have to wait until the DVD is released from the project.

You can watch White Horse Hill here though

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