2010. For the internet, that’s a long way back in time. Not quite an ice age ago, but pretty far back. Just to get things in perspective, the iPad had only just been invented.

It was also the year I finally got a website, hosted on the very nice WordPress system. It ran nicely with the quite stylish Parament theme, and from time to time I updated it.

But the possibilities for displaying content online have changed so much in four years. It is time for a refresh and a rethink about how to use the website. What you see is a work in progress, but this upgrade releases more power and greater flexibility to give content space to shine.

I’m sitting on tons of beautiful material that deserves to be shared more widely, so this upgrade will allow me to more easily add to┬áthe site and keep things moving.

I hope you like the new design!

Oh, and for the record, out of all the possible choices, I’m now using the WordPress Harmonic theme. For quite a number of reasons. Which maybe I’ll turn into a website post at some point.




3 thoughts on “A refreshing change

  1. I love love love the new Harmonic design! Your site looks very beautiful. I found you because I was looking for assistance on the forum about this new theme, and am anxious to see how it is working for other people. I am glad to see you have been able to get yours functioning so well. (I am using my ‘test’ blog while I work out the kinks with this before changing over my other blog.) Best to you–!


    • Hi,
      Thanks for the kind words! Harmonic is gorgeous, but there are quite a few things about it that are counter intuitive. I’m building a long list of things that still need fixing or figuring out following the upgrade of the site from the old, simple Parament theme.. As you can see on the forums, there are still some outstanding questions about just exactly how Harmonic is working.


      • Yes, one of your questions so far was exactly one of my annoyances, as well. (why can’t we access media from the Customizer that is already on the site?) I have also posted a question of my own. I think it will be worth it, though, once I get it arranged!


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