Pleased to share that my photo of cooling towers collapsing at Didcot Power Station is published in the book Station to Station by James Attlee.

Station to Station makes a great read for summer travel through the countryside of Southern England. James tells stories about the places the Great Western mainline passes through, from London’s western suburbs, through the Thames Valley to Bristol in the west.

Last year, James and I spent a long and fascinating night camped out with hundreds of others waiting for dawn to arrive and the skyline of Didcot to change for ever. Three cooling towers were demolished as part of the decommissioning of the Didcot A coal-fired power station. You can read the tale of our long night out in the chapter ‘The Cathedral of the Vale’.

Whilst I spent most of my time making sure cameras were ready to film and photograph the changing landscape, James was looking all around and writing a beautiful portrait in words.

You can find out more about the book and where to buy it over at James’ website:


stationtostation-1280999 stationtostation-1290050stationtostation-1290066

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