Science with neutrons and muons



The Paul Scherrer Institute in Switzerland wanted to give visitors to the institute an introduction to the science and engineering at their neutron and muon research facilities.


The scale of the engineering at the facilities is impressive and visitors can take a tour in a group led by one of the institute staff. After the visit, people are left with a strong sense of how the facility works, but only a glimpse of the diversity of scientific research taking place.


A booklet that can be taken home after the visit and shared with family and friends.

Big idea

Science for society and industry.


After meeting and talking with researchers, I wrote a 32 page booklet in clear language requiring only a limited starting knowledge of science. Large photographs of the facilities and people at work give a human scale connection. The short stories describe a wide range of science investigations and make connections to everyday life. The booklet is available in English, German and French.


I worked closely with the communications team and researchers to ensure the booklet represented the science and institute accurately. Photography was made by Scanderbeg Sauer Photography in Zurich.


The booklets can be downloaded from the Paul Scherrer Institute website:

English | German | French



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